Finding Ways to Save: Family-Part 2

ways to save house and money sign

You energy bill is thru the roof? You find you are spending a ridiculous amount of shampoo and toiletries?  This week we will explore 5 ways to save on household expenses.

  1. Lower( or raise) your thermostat – For someone like me who is always cold I am pretty sensitive to temperature changes but have found that I did not even notice when we did this in our household. Lowing your thermostat just a few degrees can equal big savings without sacrificing much in the way for comfort.
  2. Explore refinancing your mortgage -With interest rates at an all time low, it might be the right time to explore refinancing. My family did this about 3 years ago and we were able to shave 4 whole percentage points off our mortgage rate! Of course this is dependent on your credit rating as well as other factors but it was a humongous savings and worth investing the time to research.
  3. Use a drying rack -I know it seems really simple but it is not only better for the environment it can also save you money in energy bills. twenty dollar bills on white background
  4. Ditch Cable -I will admit we have not done this in our hose (my hubby is a TV addict) but I have heard many families who watch less TV or only certain shows have benefited greatly from going with a Hulu or Netflix a la carte service. Here is an interesting article about how you can do this.
  5. Review your cell phone bill- Most cell phone providers offer new plans and change existing plans based on market need. If you are under an old plan it might benefit you to exploring new plan options or switching to a family plan. Also explore how much you actually use your phone. If you are using it primarily for internet use but don’t make calls much your might need to increase your data plan and reduce your minutes to avoid overage charges.

Your thoughts???