halloween-1467758Since the Halloween season is upon us, it seems appropriate to do a post about fear. The knot in you stomach that makes you want to run away. Fear can be physical, like someone jumping out at you or blood and guts scary.  Fear can be of the unknown, don’t know what a diagnoses will be, what the future will hold or what is in the dark.

Fear can also be caused by anticipation of a feeling like the fear of failure, the fear of disappointment. Fear can paralysis us. Grab hold of us in our gut and hold us glued to a spot. Stuck there unable to move forward. But what is fear really? It is the bodies reaction to an outside force. The force can be in our imagination or real.spooky-1351094

Fear can also be a motivator if used correctly. A fear of death or illness can jumpstart someone into a healthy lifestyle. Fear of failure can push someone to achieve. Fear of loss can make someone value a person more.

Fear can also keep us safe. That’s what it was intended to do. That is what the system was built for. Finally, with the creation of Halloween, we have fear for fun. I assume it is part of the adrenaline rush that is the bodies natural response to fear. We have fun with the images of scary things, ghosts, blood and gore, devilish ghouls, and of course the new fascination with zombies. These things are fun because we know they are not real, so the fear is safe. Halloween is fun because of this good natured scare. Fear gets a bad wrap. It’s not always bad. It has a purpose, is a motivator, and sometimes its just plain fun to scare yourself silly.

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