Falling Off The Healthy Eating Wagon

Falling off the Healthy Eating WagonI am making a confession. I am being consistently inconcistant with my healthly eating habits and workout routine. It happens to us all from time to time. We get busy. We fail to meal prep, we skip meals and eat crappy. I’m there right now…and my body is not happy.

So why do I bring this up? We all have moments where life gets in the way.We get busy and stressed. We get lazy and take the quick way out. We feel we are giving ourselves a “reward” for making it thought our hectic day.  For working moms it seems we experience our most stressful periods during the holidays and at the end of the school year. Both require a lot of preparation, a ton of busyness and have a milestone end date. After the event, when we have a moment to catch our breath, we reflect on how our healthy habits have gone by the wayside.3 ways we can get on the right path

This year, I am trying to catch myself before this happens. I see the projection of the downward slide in my eating habits. Eating out more often, not prepping meals, eating foods that are less clean and more convenience foods. So this year I am going to set my sights on correcting my course mid-stream. If you are like me and are starting the decent off the “Wagon,” grab hold to these tips. They will help you right your course towards healthy eating and exercise.

  1. Make a plan – Map out your obstacles and create a plan to overcome them. Identify where you pitfalls will are and make a plan on how you will thwart them. For example, if you are going out to dinner map out the menu ahead of time and see what items work for your eating plan.
  2. Be consistent – Consistency build habits. It is like a muscle. If you continue to be consistent in your behavior, your actions will become habits. They will be second nature.
  3. Schedule your workouts-  Make an appointment with yourself to give you the time to take care of YOU.
  4. Meal Prep – If you plan out what you will eat and have your meals prepped and ready to go, you will be less likely to find an excuse to deviate from your healthy eating plan.
  5. Listen to your body – If you are like me your body will let you know when you start to get off course. Listen to it. Do you feel sluggish, bloated, irritable. A poor diet might be to blame.
  6. Don’t give in to family or peer pressure – Your family might unknowingly sabotage your efforts. So make it clear to them your intentions, ask them for support and explain how important maintaining a consistent workout schedule and healthy eating routine is to you. If they are clear on how you feel, they will be less likely to push food, take over your time and will be more aware of your needs.
  7. Take something off your plate (literally) – When eating save half. It’s an old trick but it works. Meals out are often oversized and can promote overeating if you are not careful. Likewise, if you feel like you will never find the time to meal prep and workout review your schedule for trade-off’s. Make your health a priority.

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3 thoughts on “Falling Off The Healthy Eating Wagon

  1. PRIORITY!! That’s what it takes. I struggle a lot, but my workout and prep time are important to me. I’ve got a lot of other stuff I can’t get to (my office is a disaster!!) but Zumba takes precedence . Join me @ upwardspiral213.wordpress.com.

    1. That is awesome Michelle. You are totally right. It is important to make self care a priority. I have been slacking in this lately but realize I need to make time for this in my life to stay happy, healthy and productive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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