Falling in love with Canada, Buffalo not so much


We are international traveler’s…well sort of. We went exploring on the Canadian side of the Falls today and man was it beautiful! We drove down the Niagara Parkway and wondered into a beautiful town called Niagara by the lake.

The drive there was dotted with vineyards, orchards and farmers markets on one side of the street. The other was the Niagara whirlpool and Lake Ontario. It was such a wonderful scenic drive my kids didn’t even mind being in the car.

We stopped in a charming (no really it was charming) shopping are which was across from a big park where we let the minions run free. The temperature had dropped dramatically since Tuesday¬† so me and my daughter bought some tourist sweatshirt for added warm. But the lady at the store was so nice I didn’t even mind overpaying for a sweatshirt.

Since we were in Canadian wine country on a weekday. There were no kids around so the shoppers seemed to get a kick out of my kids eating giant chocolate chip cookies and gathering fall leaves. (I can check that one off my fall to do list!) The houses, the people, and the whole atmosphere of the area really made me fall in love with Canada.


We return to US soil and traveled to Buffalo. I am sorry if this offends anyone from that area but I was really underwhelmed. I thought there might be a walkable area but we drove thru a lot of urban blight. Kind of made me sad. Maybe there is more to it then what I saw but it was really a let down. We went to the naval museum which we really enjoyed, but other than that it was kind of a crap hole.


This afternoon we plan on traveling across upstate New York however since there maybe a hurricane heading to our destination we might extend out stay upstate. If you have any recommendations on places to visit and towns to explore please let me know. Due to the weather situation me are kind of unscripted and I could really use the help. Thanks for traveling with me.

Your thoughts???