Fall Checklist Update : Are you savoring the season?

wpid-wp-1445190274765.jpgAt the end of September I created a Fall Checklist. I figured since we are fast approaching the end of October already I wanted to take stock and see how far along I am in making Fall memories
  1. Collect leaves – Got to do this in my visit to Canada
  2. Take pictures of leaves changing color – Actually covered this in upstate NY
  3. Try a canning recipe – Unfinished
  4. Pick apples –Did this at the apple tree in front of my sisters house
  5. Play soccer with a chill in the air like I did growing up (instead of high humidity and sweat) – Had a great time playing with the family in my sisters backyard
  6. Make a Halloween themed cake – Still want to do this one
  7. Go to a Fall Festival – Did this today at a local farm!
  8. Bake a Pie- Nope not yet. Maybe this will be my cook along for next weekend?
  9. Eat a Candy Apple – Yes! Had a fantastic one that I shared with my sis. SO glad I did this really enjoyed it! Sea salt chocolate caramel…
  10. Do something Oktoberfest related – Not sure this one is going to happen. Oktoberfest by us was ridiculously crowed. Maybe I’ll drink a pumpkin ale or eat a bratwurst.
  11. Wear a scarf (This will be a tough one in south Florida) No this one is not going to happen as long as temps are still between 80-90 degrees.
  12. Go through a corn maze –Also did that today!wpid-wp-1445190199424.jpg
  13. Drink apple cider (or eat apple cider donuts) Had me some Apple Cider donuts today! Also had the best Apple Cider of all places at Trump Plaza in NY. It was from a place called Fishkill Farms, NY, it was amazing, had almost a floral quality to it.
  14. Make Butternut squash soup. This is something we do yearly but will still add it to the list. –Plan on doing this next week
  15. Have a nature scavenger hunt- Not yet
  16. Get canned foods for food drive- Not yet
  17. Do Trunk or Treat – Have not found a place that is doing this by me this year. I’m so sad
  18. Make Burlap wrapped Eek sign from Pinterest -Not yet
  19. Finish Jan /Feb/March 2014-2015 scrapbook pages (I’m 2 years behind) – Still behind
  20. Make a Thankful tree -No not yet.
So as you can see my trip to NY really helped accomplish most of the stuff on my check list. Had a great time re-experiencing Fall. Real fall, not Florida fall. I still want to complete my checklist but so far it has been a great season. Where are you in your Fall festivities? Have you gotten the most out of the season? What else is on your checklist? Would love to know, please leave me a comment! Happy Fall Y’all.

2 thoughts on “Fall Checklist Update : Are you savoring the season?

  1. On this crisp Fall day, I am home nursing a cold, and my husband and son went out and bought four amazing mums (gold and magenta) and a cluster of pumpkins–like a mommy with four little ones! I am looking forward to bundling up later and placing everything in the front yard and on the front steps. My Fall list includes making some wreaths…I’ll let you know if that gets any traction! Happy Florida Fall!

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