Every Dollar Budget Review -Week Three


Every Dollar Special Features

This week I will give you the run down of all the special features with the Every Dollar on-line budgeting program. Honestly, it is nowhere near the amount of free special features of Budget Tracker, but I think the features it has are pretty interesting. There are three major areas available to explore in this program, The Baby Steps, Local Advisors and Help Center.

The Baby Steps tab introduces users who might not be familiar with Dave Ramsey to his 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom. I have to side with Dave on this one. If you do his steps as he has mapped them out then your really are setting yourself up for a great financial future.

I would love to say I have been successful in following these steps, but if I did well then I wouldn’t need to do these reviews at all. The interesting part about this feature is it coordinates with the data you put into you budget. Which is helpful in mapping out your progress on each baby step.

Can map out each Baby Step along the way

For instance, Baby Step 2 is Paying Off Debt. If you budgeted for a $200 payment to your credit card, the payment shows up under you Debit Snowball. It shows you how much you have progressed in this step.

Don’t know what a debit snowball is? Don’t worry the program also includes more information and tips for achieving each Baby Step. I really like this set-up. It is an interesting way to approach your savings and pay-off goals and it is helpful that it pulls the data you have already entered into the Baby Step goal setting. nest-egg-security-1241471

The second area is local advisors. Dave Ramsey has a program called Endorsed Local Providers. Here he enlists professionals in various areas, that are familiar with his Baby Steps philosophy. He feels these advisor align with his teaching and he recommends them to his users. This is another avenue of his endorsed local provider program. When you click into this area it gives you several options like purchasing auto, home or life insurance, buying or selling a home, or retirement and investing.

Once you click into this area you are asked to enter your contact information so a local profession can call you. This is an O.K feature, but I’m not that keen on being solicited. For me it doesn’t really contribute to my budgeting experience. It is kind of more like additional advertising in the form of a helpful suggestion. So this is not really an impressive area to me.

The Help Center

The third feature area, is not really a feature at all but the Help Center. The reason I mention it is because there is not much else to mention about Every Dollars features. There’s just not a lot there. In this area I like that there is a large variety of searchable articles about the program. I also appreciate the amount of detail the Help Center has. That was something I felt was lacking in Budget Tracker and Simple Budget. There is a decent amount of information delivered in a concise easy to find way.

If you need to know how to edit a transactions for example, this answer is easy to find and understand. There is an area to request additional help should you have a question not covered by the help center.

That is pretty much it! By far I think the best feature, as well as something you won’t find anywhere else, is the Baby Steps. If your already familiar with Dave Ramsey’s program this would work out well for you. However, I think a few other free features might have been nice to explore. I could have done with out another sales pitch in the local advisers section. Next week I will give my summary review of Every Dollar.

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