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This week I am giving my finally assessment of Every Dollar.com. For the most part it’s not bad. It is very bare bones and simple, easy to use budgeting system. It is also very intuitive. Since Dave Ramsey’s system is all about baby steps I think I will use them here.

Step 1 :You enter your expenses.

Step 2: Your enter your transactions

Step 3: Money spend in the transactions are taken away from the amount you had budgeted for that category.

Step 4: See how much you have left. If the number is zero. Stop spending.

Very simple and to the point. No extraneous information., No convoluted process to enter the information in. That is one of the things I like about the program. However, I have to say that having more then just a pie chart to analyze the data might have been nice.

One of the things I didn’t care was the excessive advertising. I get it, you want people to buy the paid program. There really was not enough of a glimpse into what you would get other than downloading bank statements. The Local Advisor section felt out of place to me and just seemed like more marketing. I don’t mine having a reminder that Every Dollar Plus is out there. I might even like to hear what it has to offer but I really did not seem to learn a lot about it from the pop up ads. They only got me annoyed.

The Baby Steps section was good. Since I am a fan of the Dave Ramsey plan I would have loved to see this section expanded. Maybe some tips from people who have used to plan to achieve financial freedom, or an expanded breakdown for each Baby Step. I used Dave Ramsey’s Gazelle paid budget program before. It features boards and discussion groups that I found made the program fun and motivation. If a scaled down version of that could be offered on Every Dollar, I think it would really enhance the program.

Unfortunately, that is about all I have to say about this program. It is streamline and easy to use but it was a little to sparse for me. I would have liked a bit more in regards to financial resources available to me. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step plan is great and I had high hopes for this one. In my opinion it kind of missed the mark. By offered too little is its basic program I don’t think there would be much value in getting the Plus version, who’s only additional feature seemed to be downloading statements.

In the final month of my review of free online budgeting programs. I will take a look at the much acclaimed, Mint. Then I will close out the series with what I liked best and least with a compare and contrast review of all the programs.

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