Enlightenment in a Load of Laundry


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.” I am totally in the Laundry Zone. Ok, not very glamorous but much of being a mom isn’t glamorous.

One of the things that I can not stand about doing the laundry is folding. Running all of the kids tiny clothes back and forth to thier rooms. After reading “Smart Kids, Smart Money”, by Dave Ramsey and Rachael Cruz. I decided to make this one of my kids chores.

It’s hysterical. They run up and down the hall putting the clothes in various drawers and closets, high-fiving and laughing. For things my son can not reach, my daughter helps him and it becomes a lesson in teamwork. They actually (dare I say it!) have fun doing the laundry. (Didn’t even know that was possible) Plus they are learning life lessons about completing a task, working together and taking pride in a job well done.

In the end, I have 6 loads of laundry done in a lot less time (minus re-folding towels), they have earned some money, and most of all, they have learned some life skills. Who knew laundry could be so enlightening.

Could it be? Is it really empty? At least until tomorrow….

2 thoughts on “Enlightenment in a Load of Laundry

  1. Wow, an empty laundry basket! I’m not sure I knew what one of those looked like. Congratulations. You have my respect and amazement.

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