Don’t wait for the Last Goodbye


Rushing off to work. Heading out to the store. Don’t forget that doctors appointment this week. It is the daily pace of life. We come and go but sometimes something makes us stop.

We share coffee with that co-worker everyday. We chat with the cousin we only get to see everyone now and then. We hang up the phone with our mom after telling her about our day. Do we ever really considering that our goodbye’s might be the last time we speak to these people.

We move through the pace of life and forget that we are only here short term. Our time here is not guaranteed. Through the hustle and bustle we forget about this fact. Sometimes it causes us to take people in our lives for granted. We might act in a way we know we shouldn’t but figure we will make it up to them tomorrow. But what if that tomorrow never comes for them. How would we feel?
We have all heard the phase life like today is your last day. But what does this mean to you? To me it means. Don’t hold back. Be grateful for the people in your life and tell them so…right now. live life as if it was your last quote

Recently, I have had a few friends that have lost love one’s unexpectedly.  The pain they must feel is immeasurable. It is a lesson. A reminder to be ever vigilant with those that we love. Hold tight to them. Tell them how much you love them. How you value them. How they have changed you. What they mean to you.

Don’t save it for another day. The next day may never come.

Our journey here is short. It is fleeting. One day that cousin, co-worker, parent or child might not be here. It can all change in a split seconds. Lives end that fast. Leave nothing on the table. Tell them you love them, tell them what they mean to you. You might not get another chance.

11 thoughts on “Don’t wait for the Last Goodbye

  1. Yes, yes, yes. You are absolutely right. We never know what tomorrow will bring and we certainly don’t want to find out tomorrow that it was one day too late. The sudden passing of my step-father was how I learned this lesson. It is so important to appreciate the time we have with those we love, right now while we still can.

  2. I learned this lesson when I was 19. My grandma had cancer. Me and my husband promised we would be back. One night after work we said we would go see her in the morning it was too late, we were too tired after work. Well she did that night, and I never got to say goodbye to the grandma who raised me. Now I never take advantage of my time I have with anyone.


  3. I never forget that it could be my last time to see anyone I love. When I send my husband off to work I try to be grumpy and always try to say I love you before he leaves. I kiss my four year old before I put her on the bus, never forgetting to give her a hug too. I never let my last words to anyone be angry, no matter how tempting it is. You just never know.

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