Don’t Spit On A Cops Grave

twin-towers-iii-1405348Today is September 11th. This day is a recurring reminder of the events of September 11, 2001. It was a day that change things for a lot of my generation. It signifies a great feeling of vulnerability in our nation and as individuals. Having grown up in New York my family knew many people and were themselves affected by those events in a grand way.

Although, as a nation and as individuals, we felt vulnerable from the attacks of that day. There was also an amazing spirit of community, self-sacrifice and service that emerged out of those tragic events. Many felt the need to go beyond themselves and help others. There was an amazing out-pouring of help and hope that can only grow from tragedy. A spirit of community that seems to only happen after loss.

I don’t usually get political or go into rants on this blog, but there has been a tragedy taking hold of our communities recently. For me this hits close to home. There is an evil emerging with a face of hated, calling itself a movement. This movement calls for the death of others. Most notably law enforcement.pain-1366480

Now wait, before you make a decision about how you feel about law enforcement. Like any other job you have your good and you have you’re not so good. It is the nature of people. That’s what a police officer is, a person. They have flaws and feeling, good and bad days and yes.. they come in all shapes, sizes, orientations, sexes, colors and religions.

If someone decided to create a movement that would threaten the lives of teachers, flight attendants or political leaders just because of their chosen employment, people would rush to their defense. Rightly so. But with cops it’s different. Well… cops give you tickets when you speed. cops arrest you when you get into a drunken bar brawl. The cops never found your stolen laptop that you left in plain view on your car seat. Cops are the parental unit of society and no one likes to be told they screwed up.

There is another side of the police parental unit that no one admits to, no one wants to think about. The other side of the coin is the need for the safety of a parent. Police are protectors. They stand in front of us when others try to do us harm. We call them when we are scared. Whether we want to admit it or not.  When someone breaks into our home or threatens us, we call the police to protect us.

If these movements continue, if the backlash again police is allowed to progress unchecked by good citizens, we will loss our protectors. Who will want to do a job where they put there lives, families and mental sanity on the line so that they can be told by society they are wrong and they, in fact are the criminals. They are the bad guys. It would be easier to sit behind a desk or counter, nice and safe. Go home to a loving family without fear of bringing them harm or being retaliated against by some movement that wants to kill you for the title of Officer.

During 9/11 when everyone what running from the Twin Towers, fire fighters and police.. brave men and women with families and future’s, ran towards the falling towers in help protect those in need. Next time you bash a cop without all the facts or agree with the hatred being spread, you spit on the graves of those that died being your protector.

Sorry, if this offends you or if you feel differently based on your experiences but hatred is never the answer.

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