Disney’s Spaceship Earth in my Neighborhood

picture from https://en.wikipedia.org

You never know what influences have shaped the physical world around you. This thought occurred to me as I listened to a podcast (Yes, I listen to a lot of podcasts.) The podcast host brought up the concept of a geodesic sphere. Having never heard of this idea before I was intrigued and sought out the “all knowing, all seeing” Goggle for an answer.

There I found some amazing pictures of homes and green houses in this half sphere shape that seemed to be made up of linking triangles. It was an architectural style I had seem before. This is the futuristic design concept that Walt Disney used in Spaceship Earth.

R. Buckminster Fuller came up with the idea of  the geodesic dome as a building design, and his house in Illinois, was one of the first dome residences to be constructed. These homes were considered eco-friendly, energy efficient and required less materials to build. So how did this concept go from Fuller to Disney? Apparently, Disney designers saw the dome at a 1967 Expo in Montreal and thought it fit in with the futuristic concept they envisioned for Epcot.

They enlisted the help of Fuller, who came up with the name Spaceship Earth. He helped designed the spherical structure of the “Golfball,” as it is popularly known.  Along with science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury to create the story concept. Spaceship Earth opened in October of 1982.

Ok… back to the part about interesting influences. Once I found the pictures of the geodesics sphere, I realized I have
had one of these home concepts down the block from me the whole time. Me and my kids called it the round house.

Part of the geodesic dome house. Could not get a great picture because of a large tree
Part of the geodesic dome house. Could not get a great picture because of a large tree

I never knew what it was really called or why it was designed like that. Little did I know I had my own little Spaceship Earth right down the street.

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