Disappointment in Moderation

sadYou may have noticed I have not been my happy blogging self lately. I have to admit I am a little down. I’m feeling blah. There is a reason. I have been recently hit with a  profound disappointment. Something I really wanted just never came to fruition. So it has kind of stolen my joy of sorts. I know there are tons of platitudes and motivating quotes that should help bring me out of this funk. But right now none of them seem to be hitting home.

I need some sort of push to get myself out of the “blahs.” So here are 5 things to do to get past disappointment.

  1. Feel/ Express it.- Yes, I know that seems counter intuitive but sometimes the only way to get past the disappointment is to work through it. Your feelings are there for a reason. So learn from the discomfort. Maybe have a good cry, or write out how you feel. (Kind of like I am doing now.) getting it out of your head and off your heart might do the trick.
  2. Exercise – It has been proven to increase serotonin levels and make you feel better physically. The truth, sometimes punching the crap out of a punching bag, kicking an imaginary foe in kickboxing, or running all out can help move you out of a funk.
  3. Have Faith – Recognize that the disappointment happened for a reason and although if feels bad now. There is a greater meaning in it that will reveal itself in time. Maybe you we’re not ready for whatever it was, maybe it was not really where you we’re meant to be. Maybe the Universe (or God,) knew this was not the right path, you just need to catch up.
  4. Focus on a new interest – Turn towards something unrelated to the disappointment that excites you and makes you feel good. maybe it is a hobby, maybe it is your children, maybe it is a project you we’re putting of. get absorbed into something new that gives you joy. You might not feel it at first but eventually, it will begin to displace the disappointment.
  5. Give it Time and Reflect – Know that this feeling will not last forever. You have felt disappointment before and like all emotions ebbs and flows. With time it will lessen and you will understand where things unfolded like they did. Why you missed the promotion, why the relationship did not workout. The lesson you we’re meant to gain from this will reveal itself with time.esperando-1378695

For me giving it time is the hardest part. I feel like I should be able to fix things. I am in control of myself right. Well…not exactly. I get it. These things are lessons to bring us to a greater understanding of ourselves, or what we need and what makes us unique. I will try my best to have faith that there is a new path for me, try to understand the reasons why, and I will go out and beat the s#$@ out of that punching bag until I feel better. Hope you found some help in this post. Let me know how you deal with disappointment, would love some more suggestions. Thanks for helping me through this.

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