Direct Sellers Summer Series

direct sellers summer series

Do you envision direct sales by imagining a spammy, overly forceful, highly made-up housewife pushing her plastic container and make-up at you?

Today’s direct sales is not what it use to be. There are several companies in the online marketplace that are giving women incredible entrepreneurial opportunities, leadership and life skills in a supportive non-salesy environment.

These woman are all about building relationships, much more then pushing products. Today’s direct sellers are more empowering and supportive then ever before, with a much deeper code of ethics.

So throw out your image of what direct sales use to be.

Let go of any bad experience you may have had with pushy sales people. This summer, I am going to introduce you to some amazing woman who just happen to be in the direct sales business but they are so much more. They are dynamic entrepreneurs who what to get to know your needs. These are women that I am blessed to call friends. I have purchased from them and I KNOW they have integrity and a heart of service.

That is why I have chosen to support them women through this summer series and all year long. I plan on purchasing the majority of my Christmas gifts from them as well. My feelings are I would much rather give my money to someone I know and trust then some corporation or big box store, who doesn’t know me or want to know me.

Each Saturday for the remainder of June and July, I will introduce you to one of these woman. You can get to know them as I have. You can see today’s direct sellers are not the strange, salesy, pushy woman of the 1980’s. They are teachers, mom’s, and friends. They are like you and me.

***Just a note: No one has paid me or asked me to do this. It was an offer I made to these women simply because I want to support them, there business and the things they do. I have received absolutely no compensation for this post.

Your thoughts???