Dinosaurs, complaints and kids


We went in NYC today. Took the Subway for the first time in years….with 4 kids. What was I thinking….am I nuts…am I crazy? Apparently. We went to the Museam of Natural History. It was like herding cats. I have no idea what the exhibits showed  because I was to busy trying to keep the kids together. We had an odyssey trying to find a bathroom and get lunch for 4 kids. Again….what was I thinking?

The kids started to complain immediately and I almost lost my mind.  There were a few displays that they found really interesting, the Marine life and North American mammals. The topper was the dinosaur exhibition. It was fascinating. I made the older kids read the display signs for the younger ones and I actually think they enjoyed it and learned something.


After the museum our intent was to do a little siteseeing and shopping but we got a bit turned around by the subway. FYI, you can only use your pass for 4 people at a time. Three of us had to go to the next station and have them reset the card. It was really confusing, also most of the Subway lines did not run so we were additionally confused.

After that fiasco we were all pretty tired so after walking a few blocks we turned back to Penn Station and headed home. It was not the trip into the city I expected. There are a lot more homeless and it’s dirtier then I remembered  (thanks Debasio) The homeless are actually pretty aggressive as well. In any case, we will make a second attempt today for a more productive,  less conplainy trip. Wish me luck.

One thought on “Dinosaurs, complaints and kids

  1. Natural History is a great museum. Sometimes my brother and I go there. My brother Stephen has Autism and loves the dinosaurs. But of course as adults we are both on the same page and same direction. Also we were born and raised here so I’m used to the mysteries of the subway system. After living through many mayors, I still remember John Lindsey from the 1960s, homelessness will always be a problem. As the weather gets colder the homeless use the subways for warmth and food. Many are mentally ill some are veterans. It is a problem that the Federal, State and City govts must work together to solve. A few years ago I was nearly homeless myself and I’m also a U.S. Army Veteran so my heart goes out to those less fortunate. I was just lucky to find another job and a place to live otherwise I would be out on the streets.

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