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The holidays are such a busy time, the shopping, the decorating, cookies and chocolate everywhere. This year I have turned to my crockpot to help me eat healthy and keep on track. So far it seems to be working. I have averaged one slow cooker meal a week in additions to my other cooking and by has it saved me time and money.

Slow cooking is not only a no-brainer time saver, it is also economical. The investment in the cost of a slow cooker  can run you any where from $16 for a 4-quart variety like this one from Amazon (Affiliated link)  to about $50 for a larger one like this. Keep in mind that there are several price points in between that would easily met your needs. So the amount you spend doesn’t have to break the bank.wp-1449282887080.jpg

Also, most slow cooker recipes do not require a large amount of ingredients and are commonly made with items usually found in any household pantry. Many slow cooker recipes make use of frozen or canned goods and meats that can cook for  a long time over low heat. These items tend to be far cheaper then their fresh counterparts. Just compare a bag of frozen veggies to those in the produce section and your can clearly see the dollar difference, sometimes as much as $1 to $2 per item.

In an effort to keep these meals healthy and affordable, I have become a part of a Facebook Clean Eating Slow Cooker Challenge. During the challenge participants are asked to cook up 7 slow cooker meals in 7 days. Along the way the hosts of the group  will be providing healthy, tips and variations on the recipes.

I went out on Friday to shop for the ingredients for all 7 meals and it only cost me $40. Yes…7 meals for $40. This amount may vary for you since I had some of the stuff already in my pantry, but still that is an amazing savings. I am so looking forward to this challenge. If you would like to join in, check out the link on my Facebook page or click right here. It should be a fun time with great food! Now to go clean out my slow cooker.


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