Want to Create a Stunning Candy Buffet? Here’s How

Candy BuffetRecently I was approached by Sweet Services with the guest post idea of a Candy Buffet. As I have been planning my children’s birthday parties over the past month, this was very timely. Trying to balance party planning and working can be quite a challenge, so this idea intrigues me. I had seen this technique at a baby shower and a 40th birthday party I attended. It seemed easy to accomplish and the results were really attractive and playful.  The hardest part I’d imagine is keeping your kids from eating the candy before guests arrive!  This post contains affiliate links.

How to Create a Child Themed Candy Buffet

Guest Post provided by Wendy Dessler with Sweet Services

In recent history, it’s widely known that DIY candy buffets are currently the talk of the town and one of the latest and most exciting trends for all types of celebrations. The more you look, the more you start to see them everywhere you go. You’ll find candy buffets at sweet 16 parties, weddings, graduation parties, and children’s parties most of all.
The wonderful thing about candy buffets is that they serve dual purposes. First, they provide a delectable sweet treat for all of your amazing guests. Second, they make a fantastic addition to the beautiful decorations of every one-of-a-kind celebration.
Are you ready to take the candy buffet creation challenge? Maybe you’ve been dying to create one with your kids, but you just don’t seem to know where to begin. If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because we have a few excellent tips that will make it easy to get started.

Things You’ll Need to Create a Child Themed Candy Buffet

DIY Candy Buffett
Infographic provided by Sweet Services
Based on experience, we feel that you’ll benefit the most from the following supplies:
  • Glass or plastic containers (choose various shapes and sizes to mix things up)
  • Colorful candy
  • A buffet table decorated with attractive and/or theme related table linens
  • Candy scoops
  • Cellophane
  • Optional: ribbons for glass or plastic container decorations; labels for glass or plastic container labeling (i.e. sugar-free, organic, etc.)
Now that you know the best supplies to buy to create the most beautiful candy buffet possible, we’re going to share some of our favorite tips and tricks with you today.
Utilize these tips and tricks to make your child themed candy buffet look absolutely stunning. Before you know it, everybody is going to be talking about your delectable candy buffet and how beautiful it looks for days and weeks to come.
Tips & Tricks for Creating a Gorgeous Child Themed Candy Buffet
·        Use limited theme related colors – You do not want to go too overboard when choosing the candy color scheme. You’re better off only choosing one to three colors.
Otherwise you’ll be going too far and it will look confusing instead of attractive. If the birthday party has a particular theme, stick to the theme’s colors in order to make everything match.
Decorating around the candy buffet – Not only is it important to create an attractive looking candy buffet for a child themed party, it’s also necessary to decorate the area immediately around the buffet according to the same theme.
You can decorate the wall behind the buffet table and the ceiling above the table using paper lanterns, theme related banners, and paper fans to name a few options. Feel free to use your favorite decorative items to add a personal touch.
Choosing the right tablecloth – If your child is having a particular theme will for their birthday party (i.e. Angry Birds, Frozen, etc.), it’s probably best to buy a tablecloth with those cartoon characters on it. If they do not have a specific character theme, choose table linens specifically color-coordinated based on colors being used for the rest of the party.
Elevating glass and/or plastic containers – In order to make this candy buffet as attractive as possible, one thing to do is to elevate the containers being used to hold the candy. It’s simple to do. Place the candy dishes on books or colored boxes and make sure they are all at different heights.
Using labels – It’s easy to get confused about which types of candy were put in each dish. If you’ve displayed organic candy, create a label saying that the candy is organic. And if you’ve displayed sugar free candy, create a label stating that it is sugar-free.
It’s easy to create a child themed candy buffet following this system. Visit http://www.sweetservices.com/to take care of all of your bulk candy needs.






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