Direct Sellers Summer Series: Come Meet Trish Russell

direct seller series

Introducing Trish Russell

I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Trish Russell and to have her as a bi-monthly contributor to In between Moderation.  It has been an amazing journey to see her growth and development from military mom to the smart, fiery, funny business woman who has found her calling on Social Media. She brings her “combat boots of self-discipline,” with a side of compassion and understanding to help woman walk in their purpose, one intentional step at a time.

Trish Russell

1) What is your direct sales business and what type of products do they sell?

I partner with Mary & Martha, a home décor and gift company with inspirational messages and keepsakes.

2) How did you get involved in your business and why?

Over the course of a year I fell in love with the company, product, and women. My first interaction with Mary & Martha was as a third party invitee, very random! Over the next year I watched how my consultant treated her customers, and walked out her faith. I knew if there was a team I wanted to be on it, was hers!

3) What is your favorite product and why?

God Made Just One” book, full of beautiful pictures and truths for children and adults to hear.

4) What would you say to people who think direct sale’s are a scam?

If you haven’t been part of one then you probably don’t realize the amount of work a rep puts into their company. It’s similar to those who don’t think teachers are worth a six figure income or that SAHM’s sit around eating bon-bon’s and watch TV. I listen, respond, and move on if they still believe it after getting to know me.

5) Do you think it is important for a woman to have a side income?

I believe it’s vital for each woman to walk THEIR journey, whether that is a side income, full-time income, power volunteer, raising humans, WHATEVER. Each to their own, but be sure to do YOUR own.

6) What is the biggest struggle you have with your business? How do you overcome it?

People AVOID direct sellers and I overcome it by being myself and knowing my worth. I believe in the company and our products and really enjoy what I do. If someone wants to partner with me at any level, I am stoked to do that! If they don’t want to partner, I get stoked that an opportunity came up to meet someone new!

7) What have you learned about yourself through your business?

I’m a dreamer! I had no idea! I love owning my own business and empowering other women to live their dream!

8) What opportunity would you have not had if not for your business?

So many….I wouldn’t own my biz, meet incredible women, know my strengths, discover new talents, and dream. Dream. DREAM!

9) How does your business align with your values and the person you are?

Our company is also a ministry. We believe each person who joins us has a calling to be here. We open up each meeting, as well as most events, with prayer. By focusing on the opportunity to gather women and hang out, celebrate our unique personalities and gift sets. All of these pieces line up to how I approach life and enjoy spending my time.

10) How can people find you, more information about your products or become part of your company?

You can find me on Facebook or at my website! I have a private (free) Facebook group for women in business, at any level (new, veteran, interested).

FB Group:


FB Biz Page:–480825385422384/

Your thoughts???