Christmas Mess

The minions about three years ago. Best picture ever!
The minions about three years ago. Best picture ever!

It’s the weekend before Christmas…and all through the house…ok, ok I won’t go there. After my mid-week meltdown I’m feeling like I have a better handle on things and have planned some fun, easy activities to help me enjoy the holidays more. Get this… I’m spending time with family…on purpose. They are really not that bad and I actually do love them.wp-1450576169288.jpg

Tonight we went to a local chocolate factory called Hoffman’s. (I actually Periscoped my crazy family and kids) It’s pretty famous in these parts. Every Christmas behind the store they have a walk thru display of lights and holiday vignettes. They also have a Santa and Mrs. Claus meet and greet. It’s a fun time and there’s chocolate. How can you really go wrong.

Anyway on to what I really want to post about. Sometimes holiday mess-ups make the best memories. One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of their grandchild who wanted nothing to do with this Santa guy or his lap. I was thinking that the unconventional, Santa refusal pictures make some of the best holiday memories and funniest photos.wp-1450576210628.jpg

Christmas should not be perfect, flawless event. It should just be natural. A kid hating to sit on Santa’s lap, the neighbors dogs eating the Christmas turkey (a la a Christmas Story), and forgetting to put stamps on the Christmas cards. (yes, I totally did that.) Sometimes what seems like a holiday catastrophe is what is remembered, laughed about and cherished for years to come.


Your thoughts???