Can’t… stop… eating… Halloween candy…Help me

Halloween CandyIf you are like me you have been overdosing on Halloween candy and need some help getting the little nuggets of chocolate, nougat and caramel out of your house. Here are some tactics I have heard about to get a handle on the candy overload.

Donate candy to the troops

Operation Gratitude is one of the organization that will ship donated candy to the troops. My son’s old preschool use to take up a collections. Each year they would attempt to beat the weight of the prior years collection. It was a fun event for a great cause.

Dentist Buy Back

There are a few dentists in my area that are actually trading money for candy!!! In my opinion this is a total win.

Reincorporate them into healthy recipes

This morning I made a batch of Weelicious spinach pancakes and added in some M&M’s for fun. In addition, I added some candy into my Go-to Lunchbox Cookies.

Bring them to the office

It worked for me. When I realized I could not control my urge to eat Halloween candy, the best thing to do was get it out of the house. So I brought it to work, left it in a bowl on a counter and by the end of the day it was gone. Many people came by the counter and took a piece here and there and the cool thing was it made them happy, where it was only causing me dismay. It brought a little bit of sweetness to their day and made me feel good.

Freeze it

This was a suggestion a co-worker had which I think would be a good one for anyone who is not like me. If I feel the chocolate need bad enough… yes I would end up microwaving the candy, or even eating it rock hard frozen. (I told you I overdue things, chocolate is one of those things.)

Hopefully, these suggestions will help turn candy overload into a sweet success.

11 thoughts on “Can’t… stop… eating… Halloween candy…Help me

  1. Great ideas! I am bad with the candy, too. And my kids got way to much this year. Yesterday I went through it all and picked out the stuff that I can put in the cookie tin’s I give away every Christmas. I then had my husband hide it. LoL

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