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photo by Juddson Vance
photo by Juddson Vance

Here is my final summary review of BudgetSimple.com. It’s simple….let me elaborate. It is simple enough that you can log your entries quickly. It does not have all the bells and whistles of other programs that might analyze your data or offer additional line items for more information regarding each expense. That is what I liked about the program. It is very streamline and does not get let you get distracted by tracking other extraneous items. In the end, it tells you what you spend and what you budgeted. Clear and simple.

The only downside of this program was entering transactions for the first month. It was very confusing to try to estimate each sub-category within a category. I understand that this would be less of a problem as the months go on and you get a better handle on what categories you are using. I would have liked to see something a little more straight forward in the beginning.

photo by sanja gjenero
photo by sanja gjenero

For instance having a general category and then adding transactions with more detail within that category. I would have liked to see the amounts of the transaction minus from your total amount for the main amount in that section. For example if you had “vehicle expenses” as a general category you would subtract “gas” transactions from that. Everything you entered was treated as a separate expense with its own budgeted amount. I mean who’s going to budget a single line items for, say a one time clothing purchase? I think this should be account for within a more general heading.

Outside of that there are several things I liked about this program. I really liked the “tips” that were suggested for each category. I also liked the uncomplicated features of the tools area. It was either “growing your savings” or “reducing your debt,” plain and simple. The site itself is also very user friendly, easy to understand and easy to navigate. The bar, graphs and pie charts are another nice feature, but not one I would be particularly drawn to. It does have a pay upgrade option which gives you access to additional reports and allows you to link banking accounts to the program. I feel that the free option would work well and don’t think I would get enough bang for my buck to warrant an additional fee.

All in all, I am happy with this site and feel it delivers on what was promised. Its simplicity. It is more in line with what I am looking for and after a few months I feel it would help me get a better handle on where my money was going. This one is definitely a contender for my final budget program. Next week I will take a look at Dave Ramey’s new program, Every Dollar.

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