Budget Review: Budget Tracker – Week 1

budget2This was the first week of my online budget software review and I started off with Budgettracker.com. The page layout was attractive. Nothing fancy which was fine by me. In setting up the budget, it gives you a guided walk thru of it’s various sections. So this is where I began.

It starts of by asking you if you want a “simple” or “detailed” budget. I selected detailed and it, in turn told me to gather up five pieces of financial information. I thought it was good to know what you need before you started. I like that they listed them all out for you in the beginning instead of having to stop and retrieve information as you input data. Setting up the checking and savings account information was pretty straight forward.

Then came the painful part… the debit. Having once been completely debit free, I did not want to see this number. Anyway..moving on.. The next section is where I kind of go a bit lost. It said to enter your bills. I assumed that meant all bills, everything from food and house payment to power and gasoline. As I began entering this list, it stopped me at 10 entries and demanded payment before I could add anymore. I thought this made the whole thing kind of useless. I mean what household has only 10 expenses?

In the next section that issue is resolved, somewhat, in that you can add additional categories that kind of cover some of the expenses I thought would be listed under the bills section. To be honest, I did not like this bills, categories system. It felt confusing and cumbersome. Why would you not just list it all at once and save the user time and energy determining what was in what category. The categories are also limited to 15, then you must purchase and upgrade.money3

So far I am not to impressed with Budgettracker.com. It feels a little unwieldy and there is nothing intuitive about it. I do like how, in most cases, it gives you a simple or more detailed option to entering your information. I’m not happy about the limited number of entries available. Next week, I will try recording some payments and let you know how that goes.

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