Why I had to break-up with cake decorating

cakeFor any of you that have been following this blog for a while you have heard me talk about, and seen me post my cakes. Last year, I decided to get serious about cake decorating and pursue it as a business. I got business cards, attended conferances and classes, and started taking on a steady stream of orders at a reduced starter price. The last part might have been my down fall.wpid-20150905_131320-1.jpg

I research the heck out of running a cake business and felt I was ready to get started. However, I lacked the confidance in my skills to charge full price, so I offered my services for a deep, deep discount. In January, I was gung-ho, and took on enough orders to carry me thought until April. I was so stoked! But then an odd thing happened. A week before each order was due, I found myself getting nervous, anxious and irritable. I was unable to take care of my house during the week before the order due date. I also found ,as much as I might try to schedule things outside of family time, it was always seeping into those hours.wp-1456191905077.jpg

In addition to the family intrustion, money was becoming a huge factor. Each time I had an order due I would have to do a fairly large outlay of money in supplies. In most cases the supply cost far exceeded the cost I was charging for the cake. So it was almost as if I was paying the customer for the cost of letting me do a cake for them. This started creating additional resentment and anger towards the craft.

I found with each order my resentment grew. I was sacrificing time with my family and it was costing me money in the process. Ok, I was learning but was it worth it? I was starting to feel like it wasn’t. But I was resistant to giving it up, I didn’t want to be a quitter.wp-1454870790682.jpg

By the end of Febuary I started to realize I was not in love with cake decorating like I had been just a fewmonths prior. I wanted to devote more time to my family, and had started wanting to expand the reach of my blog. My interests were changing and I found that I no longer wanted to decorate cakes anymore. After a long conversation with a trusted friend she stressed the idea that I must narrow my focus and pick where I wanted to go. Then I finally made the desion that I would no longer take on any cake orders and let the idea of a cake business fade into the background.

The other twist to this story was once I shared this with my family, they were surprisingly excited about my decision. They felt the resentment, anxity and neglect that was brought on by this venture. They wanted to be supportive of me and said nothing. But in reality they secretly wanted me to stop doing cake decorating. I had no idea this had such a big obvious impact on my family, but there it was clear as day. My kids were only little once and I was exchanging time with them for a business that I didn’t even enjoy anymore.wpid-wp-1445282137010.jpg

I might decide to try and start a cake business one day when I have more time. When my children are older. When I’m not working full-time. But for now I have decided to keep it as an occasional hobby and something to bring me joy. Not stress.wpid-20150822_162657-1.jpg

So what is my reason for telling you this story? To reinforce the idea that it is ok to change your mind. Sometime if it’s for the right reasons, it’s ok to be a quitter.


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  1. Your Sumo reblog button works like a champion!! Great post btw, I love cake but I couldn’t imagine making cakes for others. I can see how your situation took all the fun out of it. I once heard a successful business man say “be quick to fire and slow to hire.” His point was to immediately stop doing something once you realized you have made a mistake. And be slow to implement things into life to make sure you are making the right choice.

    1. Glad you liked my post. It was a hard decision to give up the idea of a cake business. But I had to be honest with myself and admit it did not fit into this season of my life. I am grateful I did not rush into it and obligate myself before I fully understood what the trade offs would be. Thanks for testing out the reblog button for me.

      1. Your post made me crave icing!! I love cake especially corner pieces with lots and lots of icing. I could eat it straight from the container if it wouldn’t make me as big as a house!

  2. What a great post! It’s not something people share proudly very often, but it’s nice to read about. I tend to stick things out well beyond when I should have quit and it’s good to be reminded that quitting can often be a great thing.

    1. Glad you liked the post. It was hard to admit it at the time but once I did it was very freeing. If I am honest I still question if I am doing the right thing (had to turn down a cake order yesterday) but then I realize I had time to play catch with my son yesterday and it made it all worth it.

  3. That is a very interesting and honest post Melissa, I get what you are going through. I can see you when your children are older going back to this dream that you had. You will go back a lot wiser. It could be a time thing but people often hit a creative spot around 45+ and God willing, you will still have 40 years to explore your art in a more relaxed manner.

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