Why It’s Better Not To Dream Big

Why its better not to dream big

I know this may see counter intuitive. Everyone tells you dream big right?

Reach for the stars! That’s still great and all but sometime we self-sabotage by making our goals something that I so far reaching it is practically unattainable.

In selecting a goal, we pick something that is so grand we kind of already know we are never going to get there. We have no plan, so we have the perfect excuse to give up before we really even get started. I’m not saying you shouldn’t still dream big but why not start off this big dream in manageable chunks.

It’s great to dream big but if we dream too big we might never move from dreaming into doing. Here are 5 reason things to consider when dreaming big.

  1. Big dreams seem lofty, airy and have no concrete foundation to build on – When we dream too big we never get into the real specifics of what we hope to achieve. We never get down to the steps it will take to achieve this dream. Instead, if we make our efforts bite-sized and not overwhelming, we are more likely to move closer to our goal. Like for example changing one small habit each week or saving $1 a day.
  2. Big dreams seem unattainable – Sometimes our big dreams are just too big. We never visualize a path to achieve these big goals. Like winning the lottery instead of earning the money ourselves. They are something we hope for but never truly think we will achieve. So in the end they are kind of worthless and produce no reall change, only discontent with our current circumstances.
  3. Big dreams don’t seem achievable so we don’t try as hard. – Big dreams can have a build in excuse not to try. When our dreams seem to big, we don’t try as hard to achieve them they seem almost insurmountable and we give up under the weight of our own dreams.
  4. Big goals are slow going. -Don’t underestimate small but consistent efforts. They might not be as grand as big dreams but over time they can be. Small consistent effort builds momentum which will propel you forward towards your goal faster.
  5. Consistently small wins help you achieve your big dreams– When only focusing on the big dream you will always feel like you have never made any progress. Even small wins done over time lead to achieving the big dreams. You can get so much more accomplished by taking it step by step, soon you will look back and realize you have traveled miles towards your goal.

If you don’t feel like you can do that them this big dream is really not for you. Keep consistent, keep showing up, and keep putting in the effort. Keeping it small is how you will achieve your Big Dream.

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3 thoughts on “Why It’s Better Not To Dream Big

  1. Such a sensible approach. It is good to dream big but our approach needs to be step by step to achieve #overthemoon. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty

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