Be OK with not getting it all done

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Be OK with not getting it all done. This was a phase I heard this past week and it really resonated with me. It was said by a cake artist I follow, but it is a phase that speaks to everyone in any field. She was talking about balancing work, home life, and family, which is pretty much what this whole blog is about. It was amazing to me to hear another mom verbalize so succinctly how I feel on daily basis.

Less time more to do

Each day we are asked to fit in more things on less time. I know I am guilty of trying to shove way to many activities into to short a time frame. Then I feel guilty or less than worthy when I can not accomplish them all. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting stuff done, that we don’t stop to think if we are getting the right stuff done. We forget to enjoy the moments in-between the getting stuff done. As we go down our checklist of things to do, we forget to include ourselves and our families on that list.

I know I do this. I schedule a million and one things to get done, but don’t even think to put “me” time, or “playtime” on the list. However, it is just as important or more so. Sometimes I forget that my kids are only little like this now. It is a short time and it is fleeting. It is easy to lose site of that in the day-to-day activities of life. That is why it is really important to have some sort of reminder to take a step back. Take in their childhood smallness. Their joy and their little kid love. Because it is really the most important thing.

Savoring the little moments


It is what we do all the other things for. I have totally gotten away from this thought before. For example, when I obsessed on making all their food from scratch and drove myself nuts. My sons 5th birthday was a reminder that he is growing and I need to spend more time cuddling and just being with him. I needed to reset and focus on what really matters and what is really important.

Social media has presented us with a false narrative of perfection. That each day should be perfect, flawless and pristine. But there is beauty in failure, in growth, in our mess. Our lives are ment to be lived, messes and all. Living life fully means mistakes and failures and mess. So at least for today leave the dishes in the sink,the laundry in the basket, order “bad” fast food and celebrate the mess, the failures ans the struggle of life. At least for the moment be ok with not getting it all done because that is real life. And that, to me, is what finding balance is all about.

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