Be Brave, Go Your Own Way

Have a great idea. Go your own way

I wish I had thought of that idea. Well, maybe you thought of one just as good but never pursued it because others told you  it is not the way things have been done. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it is the way you have to do it. It’s called innovation. Many people claim its great to be innovative. Bring us your new ideas. The truth it takes courage and bravery because most people will dismiss your ideas just because they are new and different.

Once your new idea is tested and proven then everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and support your innovation. But how about when you first introduce the idea? How many introductory ideas have been dismissed out of hand because they did not follow a prescribe process or did not fit into conventional thinking? Have you stopped following an idea because, although it had merit, someone told you it wouldn’t work. It wasn’t the right time or didn’t fit how things had always been done. Have you ever listened to these naysayers and let go of an idea. Feeling stupid for even bringing it up?

I was inspired to write this post after overhearing a conversation. In this exchange, one person put forth an idea and, as I listened, I heard that idea crumble to ash. This flame of an idea was extinguished piece by piece by those around who thought they knew more. It was sad to hear. I watched the look of enthusiasm and energy drain from the individuals face as the roundtable of “experience” put out their idea, dumped water on it and stomped it out. What I heard was a group that was mired in there own importance and stuck in “the way it had always been done.” If you are that person I implore you to do it anyway. Don’t let others decide what you can accomplish. Don’t let them tell you your idea is dumb.Innovation-quotes

People are quick to throw there support behind something after it has been proven successful (think Apple, Facebook and Disney.) But what about the dismissals these people received in the early stages. There ideas were so new and different, they did not follow a path and they had the bravery to see their vision so clearly that others could not sway them from it. Do you have a vision? Do you have a crazy idea? Society is made up of a mass of people who will tell you what you can’t do. Be one of those people who will show them what you can do.


Your thoughts???