Balancing my Diet: 21 Day Fix

21 day fixSince putting my bucket list out there for all to see I am increasingly motivated to start putting a check mark next to the items on my list. The first topic I have begun to tackle was something I have been avoiding for quite sometime. It is losing the ahem…uhh “Baby Weight.” Ok…Ok I know I can no longer say baby weight when the baby is turning five. Also, I’m looking down the barrel of forty and figured I can no longer make excuses.

the focus of this blog is to explore and teach myself moderation and balance. I have totally failed in this respect when I comes to my eating habits. I have tried every diet in the book with moderate success, but after my second child, the stress of an overly busy life that lacked balance left me turning to food for comfort. Some overeat to fill a void, Some overeat to combat being bored. I ever eat to calm my frantic nerves and reward myself for making it thru a hectic day. There is no balance in this. I only feel a lose of control. Sometimes I feel like I can’t stop myself from eating like this. I will start a diet and follow it but after it’s done I have changed nothing and in a few months end up back where I started.

Well, not this time. To help me gain back control and learn moderation I have purchased the 21 day fix.Many people I know have had great success with this program in that it teaches the control and self discipline that I am lacking. I have used BeachBody workouts before successfully and am familiar with there products. Don’t get me wrong. This program was not cheap.For me this was definitely a splurge. But I’m hoping the cost will be motivation I need to stay consistent and change my habits.fork

Like other blogs I will use this posting space to keep myself accountable in a hope you will hold my feet to the fire. I want to be healthy and free of this burdensome emotional eating. I don’t want to be tired all the time. I want to look in the mirror and not feel ashamed. I want to be in control of myself again. I know I must confront what drives my emotional eating and I’m hoping my BeachBody Coach can be the game changer there. I know enough about myself to know I can workout hard but if I don’t change my feelings, my emotions that bring me to the kitchen I will not succeed. Well here’s to another journey for moderation. Hopefully, this is the first step to more balance emotionally and physically.

***Since the writing of this post I have become a BeachBody Coach. No really, I was that inspired by these products. See for yourself. Here is my link

Your thoughts???