Balance of Faith


Don’t worry I’m not going to get all preachy and religious on you. This is just a concept that has been on my mind as of late. Faith is defined as a complete trust or confidence in someone or something, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. It can have a religious connotation but you are not limited to how or what you believe when u use the word faith.

To me faith is just the belief in something greater than yourself. Belief that there is more at work then what you can see. Like an iceberg.  You can only see the part above the surface of the water but we know the rest exist below the water line outside of our vision. We know it is there but we can not see it. It does exist. It does support the portion we can see.

Whatever you believe, it is important that we know we are not fully in control. We can not always predict the outcome of out circumstances. We can only made choices in the hopes to lead it in the direction we want. That is where faith comes in. We have to have a belief that there is a guiding hand, a part below the surface that is helping to shape out path, to guide us in the direction we are meant to go. path

Faith helps us find a purpose for disappointment and heartache. It creates a stronger self.  Faith helps us to carry on and think things happen for a reason. It’s more then just words, and is sometimes what keeps a person going when the true cause of events seems unfathomable.

Sometimes we are meant to find people in our lives at the right time, not at a convenient time. Sometimes people are there to teach us lessons and prevent bigger pain later on. We miss opportunities so that other opportunities come available to us. We have all heard these stories time and again from people like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney.  All of these events shape who we are and guide us. I am hard presses to believe there is not a greater plan at work. That is where faith is important to our belief in ourselves.

It is the belief of the unseen that we struggle with. I am pretty new to this myself.  But it always struck me as odd that people have an easier time believing in evil forces, demons and ghosts, but have a much harder time believing in a benevolent force. It is almost as if they think only bad things are caused by a malevolent force out to get us, like bad luck. However, good things can only be man made. No forces can align to point us in the right direction, or help us find peace when we hurt.

Here is were I think balance comes in. We must endure and belive in each equally. Belive that the “bad” events serves greater purpose. That our life choices are not soly our own and that there is more to us then what is on the surfuce. Whatever your religious beliefs have faith in something greater is key to having faith in yourself.

Your thoughts???