Back to School Post Round Up

back to school round up

As I have mentioned last week, back to school is here is some parts of Florida. For many of us down south we are already trying to shake off the easy going, relaxed spirit of summer and get down to business. It’s been hard to get back into the routine of learning, adjusting schedules and managing school work. So to gear up and get back into the school swing of things, here are some fantastic school related posts from around the bloggershere. I also add a few posts of my own from last year that are helping me to get into a more studious mindset.


This is a fantastic post from one of my Beachbody mentors, Lori Miggins. It is about how she organizes her kids school lunches in a practical, easy and doable way. Genius!

This is a post I wrote last year about my trials, tribulations and ultimately what I learned from over doing school lunch preparations


I just love this site. Even if you are not a couponer they always have great posts about saving money, coupon deals and where to get school supplies on the cheap. I have followed these girls from the beginning and not only are they funny and savvy, they are mom’s just like us and know what limited time and energy we have.

This one is from last year but I thought it still had some great tips on thrift store shopping and finding deals for school clothes


This is a post I wrote last year as I reflected on the feelings I had as my preschooler began Kindergarten. No joke this transition is a big one. It’s probably harder for mom then for child, but it also comes with an amazing experience of growth.

Get the tissues ready this post is going to make you cry. But it will also help you realize it is ok to let them grow.



Nuff said!!! Have a great back to school everyone.




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