Are you comfy? Now move!

couch-puppy-1518738Stepping out of your comfort zone takes a lot of bravery. It also takes a lot of self knowledge, to know when it is need.  To know yourself enough to push forward. A recent post by thereporterandthe prompted this question in me. In her recent blog post she relayed how she quit her job and is moving across the pond because she knew it was something she need to do.

The first reaction I had was “Wow, she is brave!” To leave behind what you know, what you are use to, what you are comfortable with. To set off on a course of the complete unknow and well…wing it. That takes some serious guts. But a second thought occurred to me. You must really have to know yourself and know what you need, mentally and spiritually. To recognize that you are in a rut, give yourself permission to leave and set on a course.

I think a lot of issues I have encountered are due to fear of change and doubting my own self knowledge and worth. “The Girl” knew she was not happy where she was and instead of accepting the comfort and routine of the situation, she made a leap. A big one. She decided to change things, go out on a limb and take some risks. It might take her where she needs to be be in her life. It might fail but still serve the same purpose, to take her where she needs to be in her life. She will gain valuable life lessons just by the effort of trying something new, experiencing an new environment and culture. By moving out of her confort zone.

Learning to take the leap


I think this is pretty cool and have a boat load of respect for her doing it. At 40, I have become completely comfortable, stagnant and almost fearful. I don’t want to lose what I have, but am not fulfilled where I’m at. Just recently, I have started to step out of my comfort zone. I have taken greater steps to put myself out there, face rejection and failure. This is a much greater feat with little ones at home. I wish I had been bolder in my 20’s. Right now it is a balance I need to find.

In any case, I am slowly emerging from the bubble of numbness I have been in. The cake thing got me started, writing this blog has brought me a bunch of new ventures I want to try if I only put myself out there. My leap might not be as big, but at least I’m learning to take them again. I’m learning it is OK to leap, to fall. As long as I can learn something from the process. Thank you to thereporterandthegirl for bringing this to light. Best of luck on your new endeavors.

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