An Appreciation For Vegetables…No Really Vegetables

an appreciation for vegetablesEach summer I helped my Dad planted a garden. Although it was not very big, the amount he produced would give us vegetables for the whole year. Zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, the yield and variety that came out of this small plot of land was incredible. Likewise, the quality was worthy of any farmers market. It was amazing…and I never touched it.

I hated vegetables. This dislike lasted well into my high school and college years. The reason I bring this up today is because well…I think I’m kinda a vegetarian, well sort of maybe, a part-time vegetarian… if that is even thing. I mean I do eat meat so I guess I’m not really a vegetarian, but lately I have been so tired and unmotivated after cooking for my family that I don’t feel like going to the effort of making a meat filled or dairy added meal. It just takes longer. So in that case I have been opting for simple salads, grilled veggies or a quick smoothie instead of a real (laborious) dinner.

Why don’t I just eat what I make for my family? Well, since I had children my body seems to have changed. So did my digestive system. I found that certain foods no longer agree with me, such as most dairy and breads. (Has anyone else experienced this?) After seven years of not being able to pinpoint the problem I finally got a handle on it and feel sooooo much better. (Thanks to the Whole30) I can still eat these forbidden foods, but I try to only do it in moderation.

Also when I eat what my family eats, it might be healthy, but it usually includes some form of bread and dairy. I find these meals bother me and I tend to overeat them. Way over eat them. (This is part of my struggle with moderation.)

So that leads me to the part-time vegetarian thing. To my surprise, I have discovered that I  enjoy fruits and vegetables. No really. Recently, I have even been preferring them over other items. What???  Me, the girl that despised leafy greenness. The girl that subsisted on sliced turkey, bread and breakfast cereal.

cooking-up-a-storm-1-1184292-mI have heard that taste buds change and many die off. This changes the taste of foods that normally tasted to bitter into something much more palatable. Maybe this is the cause of my new found enjoyment. Also, I find the prep and cooking time to be significantly less than meat or dairy dishes. Some require no cooking at all. (Bonus!)

Now, I have not sworn off meat or animal products. I have much respect for those that do, but I don’t think I have the willpower to resist a good steak. Not yet anyway.For now I will just continue to experiment with my new found joy of vegetables. I just wish I would have appreciate them more when they we’re right outside my back door.

5 thoughts on “An Appreciation For Vegetables…No Really Vegetables

  1. Hi, really enjoyed this piece. I too found allergies after the birth of my first son. It was a homeopath that worked it out for me, I am allergic to yeast, namely candida albicans which is found within yeast. I do not eat bread, mushrooms, cheese and gravy, those are the basics anyway. The change was instant and I have not looked back since, its been 15 years now. The healthiest diet is the purest diet no additives, veggies rock! Especially sweet potato lol

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