Am I Screwing Up My Kids?

Am I screwing up my kidsThis is a question that has plagued me and pretty much all mom’s from the moment we became a mom. I remember driving home from the hospital in complete terror, wondering how these people at the hospital can let ME take home something so fragile, delicate and moldable. The weight of the task of being mom hit me full force during that drive. Everything I do will effect this little being. If I am in a bad mood and yell, if I am a smothering mom, if I screw up it will effect them.

Add into that the constant media barrage of bad parenting and awful choices made by parents. There is a crazy expectation that once you become a parent that you can no longer make a mistake . You can no longer be human. You must be a robotic model of June Clever motherhood perfection. You have to be in constant control of your emotions, create lasting memories of happiness, and provide healthy wonderful meals. It is impossible and we woman are crushed under this unattainable expectation.

Today I share with you a fantastic periscope interview done by my friend Kathleen Peters and Therapist Connie Baker. Here she answers this question perfectly. Will you screw up your children? Yes and no. But what you feel is a screw up is actually forming them into the person they were meant to be. It is an uplifting perspective on this question and one I had never thought of. This discussion is golden. It really put my mind at ease. Yes, I’m screwing up my kids but that’s ok as long as they know I’m human and they are loved. I know this will help you mama’s out there are much as it helped me.

Thank you Kathleen Peters for your permission to use this video. You can find her at the Straight Up Real Mamas Facebook group.

You can find Therapist Connie Baker at her Facebook page Therapist-Connie

8 thoughts on “Am I Screwing Up My Kids?

  1. While I don’t know much about being a parent, I would like to say that they have the toughest job out there. Being a parent is something significant as they can be considered ‘gods’ as they are the ones who put in their all to their children. And it is true that one can only discovered the hardships and joys of parenting once they are parents themselves.

    1. It’s a is a monumental reasonability to know you are molding and shaping everything that little being can become. But the rewards of parenting are equally huge. Thank you for sharing your interesting and thoughtful comment.

  2. I had that same moment when my daughter was a newborn. I remember holding her and thinking “why did they give you to me? I am not equipped to do this! I have no qualifications!” She is 17 now, beautiful and brilliant…so I guess I’ve done okay so far 🙂

  3. I love this – I remember the first night home from hospital with Marianna, just looking at her and thinking, ‘they’re trusting *me* with an actual life… help!’ No matter how many books you read, or classes you attend, it’s still mostly a case of learning on the job. But even the sad times, and the mistakes, are there to help you all learn and grow into better people.

    Thanks so much for sharing over at #FridayFrivolity! x

  4. I have this thought every now and then. Usually after what I feel was a parenting fail. Then I remember, I’m not perfect. My children aren’t perfect. I’m not going to teach them perfection. We won’t attain perfection. And that is all okay. For every mistake there is a hundred times over love.

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