Mug Cake for World Peace

mug cakes for portion control, learning and world peace

Fun, Learning Cooperation, and Portion Control all in a Mug

I think I have stumbled on to the perfect way to teach my kids to cook and to teach myself portion control. It is the mug cake! I found a few recipes on Pinterest and thought

“Wow, these are done in the microwave. Maybe my kids can make these.” Guess what they totally can!

It was amazing to sit back and just give the slight correction here and there as they learned how to gather the ingredients, measure them out, and work together to create something all their own. They even cleaned up and put away the supplies after. It was awesome! (Yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points because I’m that excited!)


It could have tasted like a cup full of dirt but they would have loved it because they made it themselves. An added bonus is that since they worked together to create the mug cake, they have been playing and getting along the entire day. Who know a little cup of cake could create a peaceful household. Maybe our political leaders can share in a mug cake and learn the art of cooperation, bringing peace in our land. Mug cake for World Peace!

I also noticed that this is the ideal was for me to give myself a little treat without getting out of hand. I have been craving brownies for about a week now but didn’t want to make a whole batch since I have issues with chocolate and self control. Answer: Mug cake. I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner. Since I am not at the stage to create my own mug cake recipes, I totally took advantage of all the fantastic ones found on Pinterest. Here I am sharing my mug cake Pinterest board with you if you want to give them a try
Have you had Mug Cake before? What recipes have you tried? Share your fav’s in the comments below

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