Cheap, Easy and Clean Cookbook


Want to eat your ice cream without the guilt?


Paleo, gluten free, raw… what are all of these? What can I eat. What can’t I eat. What is Xylitol? What are Macros? Will I ever use up that bulk package of coconut flour I bought for one recipe? It all seems so complicated, confusing and well…expensive.

Do you have a desire to cook healthy but don’t have the time for overly complicated recipes or for expensive exotic “health food,” ingredients.  You want to eat clean but need to make it quick, doable and enjoyable for the average busy mom?

This is where I was. Struggling to try and eat healthy in my over-busy, stress-eating, rush of mom life. Trying too many diet plans with too little success. Always feeling like I didn’t have the willpower to stick to them. I didn’t make the time to meal prep properly. I didn’t have the money to buy the expensive, “healthy” ingredients. I always believed I was the problem. No, the problem was those plans didn’t work for my lifestyle, for my budget and they probably don’t work for you either.

In the past you may have purchased complicated meal plan systems that you really didn’t have the time to use. You may have stocked your pantry with almond flour, coconut flour and “sugar substitutes in an effort to go vegan or gluten free. But the recipes that used these ingredients were complicated and well… not very tasty.

I say this all because I know. I have done the same. I have tried every eating system from Vegan to Paleo to wheat-free. I was desperate for something that I thought would help me eat healthy, clean and conquer my sugar addiction. Nothing worked.

It was only when I accepted my choice of eating real food, simply prepared that I was able to move forward in my clean eating journey. I need to let go of the complicated recipes, move away from weird ingredients and went back to basics. You can do this also. Look for locally grown, real food that will not sit in your pantry and collect dust because you don’t know how to use it. Look for simple, easy recipes that have few ingredients. These also tend to be less expensive.

Start clean eating today with these recipes

I created this cookbook with you in mind. These recipes are all about real ingredients put together in easy ways that save you time, money and your health. There is no shame in trying something new, if it brings you one step closer to what will actually work. Here are easy, inexpensive recipes that will get you started to cleaner eating, in a real world way.

Look, we are way too busy to mess around with expensive food and weird ingredients that take to long to prepare. We need time saving, good-tasting food that is good for you. With this cookbook as your guide, you are on your way to healthy, practical food prep that you will, most likely, cost you less then fast food. You have invested money and time in these other plans and diets that just were not practical. Now get back to basics, get back to real food, Cheap, Easy and Clean food.


This cookbook contains 10 clean, easy and inexpensive recipes with helpful hints on every page so you can painlessly get started on your path to better health.

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Here is a free video tutorial for one of the recipes featured in the book