Let me use up your leftovers


leftoversIt occurred to me after reviewing most of my recipes that almost all of them have generated from a need to use up leftover ingredients. Often times I buy and ingredient and make a recipe once. Either it did not turn out the way I hoped, I bought too much of it or it is something I would use infrequently.

Not only do I not want to waste the ingredient but I also don’t want to throw out the money I spent on that item. So has begun the evolution of my leftover ingredient recipe list. It has bee a fun challenge to figure out new ways to use up leftovers.

What ingredient do you always have to much of?

The recipes I have posted so far are just my results but I want to design more recipes that are useable for you. Since the contents of your fridge, freezer and pantry may be different from mine, I decided to create a poll.

What are some ingredients you find have been hanging around your pantry for a while? What are some of the items you would like to find other uses for? Are you like me who bought a bulk package of powdered egg whites or some other oddball ingredient you have no idea how to repurpose? Let me know what these foods are so I can help you find a way to put them to good use and maybe save a little money in the process.

Keep in mind you at not limited by the choices in this poll.  If they don’t fit what is inside your fridge, you can always add your own and elaborate in the comments.


Your thoughts???