Last Chance to become a more Successful U

sucessful u

I have some great news! Trish Russell who brings her Mini-Moment Monday feature to the blog, is sharing her course Successful U with us one last time before it goes away for the summer. I took this course myself and it is chockfull of thought proving, useful and actionable information.

She is offering it at a super low “Premier Champion” rate. She has opened this rate up for In Between Moderation readers. (I am kind of like the special friend that knows the bouncer at the best club in town.)

If you are thinking of investing in this course don’t wait long. Seats are very limited and it will not be offered again at this price.

“The topics we cover are
1) Organization systems
2) Media Strategy
3) Customer Service
4) Leadership Prep
5) Personal Development & A wrap up of how to move forward.
To sign up go to:


Your thoughts???