6 Steps To Help You Set Goals

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I have been thinking about goal setting lately. Since we are coming up to the end of the year, it is a time to reflect on all of the accomplishments achieved. It is also a time to look towards the future and what we hope to accomplish next year.

Since last year I had only the idea of a blog, that has added a new dimension to my plan for goal setting. Frankly, I have found that having this blog has helped my to achieve some of my goals. Being accountable  you, my readers, has helped me immeasurably. By putting my goals out there, in writing, I have found it extremely helpful in fleshing out what my goals actually are. Not just some lofty idea in my head that I have no plan to act on.

This is why I am using this blog as a way of mapping out my goals going forward. My plan is to take on goals in each of the four categories of focus in this blog, food, finance, family and feelings. I plan to do one category each week for the month of December and list out at least three goals I want to achieve in the coming year. The Life and Mind of Me also inspired me to do a quarterly check in to assess where I am with these goals thought out the year.

So now that you know my plan, I figured it would be helpful to review some steps in goals setting.

I college one of the best classes I took was a gym class…at 8 am. Ok, the 8goal-1171991 am part wasn’t the best thing about it, but in addition to the running and physical activity we also went in depth about goal setting. I found it an invaluable experience and even thought I don’t practice it often enough. It has stuck with me for most of my life. Here is the breakdown of goal setting for me.

  1. The obvious one is write your goal statement. Spend sometime thinking about why you want to achieve this goal. What it really means to you. Is it doable? Write it out and be as specific as you can.
  2. Make it quantifiable and measureable. Set at start date, use numbers, timeframes amounts and percent’s so you can determine your progress.
  3. Create a plan. What specific steps will you take to achieve this goal?
  4. Examine your obstacles and how to over come them. What challenges might you face in achieving your goal? How will you overcome these obstacles?
  5. Enlist support. Tell your family, friends, community, whoever will help to hold you accountable and support you in achieving these goals.
  6. Set up an end date or reassessment date for your goal. Be specific about what you want to achieve by when. If you have not reach your goal at that point, reassess why and adjust your goal according to the new information you have.

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  1. Sounds like some very wise advice with your goal setting. When your in the Blogger’s Pit Stop, we would love you to ask some questions and give some answers in the Q & A forum. You will find that the questions that you ask are questions that a number of people would love to hear the answer to and visa versa.

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