5 Ways to Feel the Disney Magic at Home

Feeling the Disney Magic When Your at HomeIt has been about 4 months since my last trip to Disney and well, I think I’m going thru a withdrawal of sorts. With the recent price increase, I know my visits to the happiest place on earth will become less frequent. I still want to get that shiny, happy, childlike feeling that the parks create. Here’s some of the things I do between trips to keep that Disney feeling alive.

1) Always have a trip on the horizon – Even of it is a year or two away. The research and planning is part of the magic. Creating the expectations and anticipation surrounding the trip planning has an excitement all it’s own. It gives you something Disney related to look forward to. Researching itineraries, setting up fast-passes and scheduling dining reservations, You can almost envision yourself there while you do the planning of it all.

2) Listen to Disney Podcasts- I have found a few great podcasts that give you fun facts, walking tours and news from around the Disney Parks. They keep you up to date on changes and additions to programs, rides and other features. They also give reviews of can’t miss stops you should plan into your next trip. The ones I listen to are WDW Radio, and WDW Today. You can stream them from your computer, listen to them on itunes or Sticher. There might be other great podcasts our there, but these are all I have time to listen to right at the moment. They really evoke the feeling of Disney and make me think back to my time in the parks while I’m sitting at my desk at work.

3) Watch Disney Movies -Nothing really sums up the feeling of Disney World like the movies. For me they encapsulate the transportative ability that Disney has created. Maybe plan a movie marathon for you and your kids. Watch all three Toy Stories back to back, or have a Disney Princess movie extravaganza.

On a side note: A city by me is hosting a Frozen summer movie sing-a-long. I can not think of anything that would better create the feeling of Disney then a crowd of children singing “Let it go.” So you might want to see if there is something similar available where you live. If not create it with some friends.

4)Eat a Fantasy Meal – Disney is an experience for the senses, one is definitely taste. Treat yourself to a fantasy meal at a nice restaurant that might mimic those found in the parks. Or explore Pinterest for some fantastic copycat recipes of┬áthose favorite foods found there. Here are some I’m looking to test out. Dole Whip,Cob Salad from the Brown Derby, Carrot Cake Cookie from Writers Shop.

Image from examiner.com
Carrot Cake Cookie. Yummy!!! Image from examiner.com

5) Play – Remember to make time to play. Nothing makes you feel like your are back at Disney more then when you make the time to become a kid again. So get down on the floor and play with your kids. If you don’t have kids borrow some from a friend,( I’m sure they would greatly appreciate the alone time) Go to the park, play on the swings, go down the slide, (you don’t have to have a child with you it just helps to avoid the strange looks from people) Remember being kids and the things you liked to do. Use your imagination, color, create. Just leave the adult world behind for a few hours. ┬áTap into the carefree fun you had as a child because that is what is what Disney does best.

Your thoughts???