5 Tips to be a Holiday Saver

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Last week I asked if you were a Holiday Spender or a Holiday Saver? The results were tabulated in a most scientific way. (My best educated guess.) And it was about 65% spender to 35% saver. I think we all tend to loosen our wallets more around the holidays and figure we will deal with it in the new year. However, when that January credit card bill comes in, we realize we went to far and vow to be better next year. Well, at least I know that is what I always end up doing.

So if you are a Holiday spender here are some tips from the savers side of the equation.

  1. Reuse – This was a great tip from My Heart of Mexico who said she saves gift wrap and gift bags and reuses them for next Christmas. Not only is this thrifty it is also environmentally friendly.
  2. Make Homemade Gifts – I admit, with a large amount of shame, I have been stuffing my face with the most delicious Chex Mix Chow  I received as a gift from a co-worker. Homemade gifts are thoughtful, wonderful and delicious. Plus, they much more cost effective.
  3. Save time, shop online – Saving isn’t just about money. A lot of us are stressing out over lack of time during the holidays. We are spending this valuable resource rushing in and out of crowded stores. Why not look for deals in your underwear? Ok, maybe you should get dressed but this year I did more shopping online then I ever have before and it was such a huge time saver. Plus there are tons of free shipping and Cyber Monday deals to be had.
  4. Re-gift – I know this might be frowned upon but if there is a gift that is still in its package and has never been used. I don’t see the problem with giving it to someone who can use it.
  5. Make a list…and check it twice- I couldn’t resist that one, but seriously create a shopping list with estimated prices of items you want to purchase helps you better keep track of costs. This also comes in handy if you would like to price match or compare prices of items in different stores.
Most of us will probably continue to be spenders next year. Maybe we can keep these tips in mind and hope the January credit cards bill might not be so eye popping.

3 thoughts on “5 Tips to be a Holiday Saver

  1. I’ve really cut back on my spending this year by simplifying my gifts, making more homemade gifts from supplies I already have and buying Christmas cards at the thrift store! I bought 100 for less than $300 saving myself at least $50!

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