5 (nearly) Free Things To Do This Summer

5 nearly free things to do this summer

Check out these 5 almost free activities to do with this summer

During the summer I find I end up spending more money trying to get out of the intense summer heat and looking for indoor things to do. In search for a blast of cool air between suffocating Florida summer car trips, I frequently end up in an air conditioned locations like the Mall or Chuck E. Cheese (I can feel the headache forming already.) These places lead me and my pocketbook to part ways. This year, I thought I would look for some free activities to keep me and the kiddos occupied this summer. Here is what I found:

1) Explore a Nature Trail – For us in Florida we would have to do this early in the morning or late afternoon. However, many trails have nice shady spots to stop and have a picnic lunch. Most are free and many have an accompanying nature center where you can learn about local wildlife. It is a great opportunity to learn about the species native to your area in their natural habitat. Many of these trails are available for free or for a small donations. To find one by you check out Traillink.com

2) Movies under the Stars – Many communities and municipalities throughout the Nation offer free summer movies under the stars. Get out your lawn chairs and check out the movies in open fresh air. The added benefit is that your children are not confined to a theater seat and have space to run and play while you enjoy the free movie.dollar

3) Get wet and turn on the sprinkler – Cheap, easy and  the epitome of summer fun. Join your children with a run through the sprinkler. You can also purchase a super, special sprinkler like this one for under $20.

4) Learn something new – Explore YouTube and other free online classes featuring cooking, crafting or whatever you might enjoy. Craftsy offers many great free on-line classes.

5) Take advantage of your local library – Many libraries throughout the nation offer extra programs during the summer, such as indoor movies, kids programs and arts and crafts. Check out your local library and see what this summers reading program has to offer for kids and adults.

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