5 Mistakes I’m trying not to make this Holiday Season


This holiday season kind of snuck up on me. The busyness, the shopping, the craziness, the need to met everyone’s needs. It is easy to lose sight of what the season is suppose to be about. This holiday I feel even less prepared, less ready and it’s as if time has sped up. So I’m going to try and take a step back. Try to correct the mistakes I have made in the past so this year I can really enjoy the holidays. Here are 5 mistakes I will try to avoid this time around.

  1.  Overspending – I run around like a lunatic trying to get the perfect gift for everyone and spending way more than I budgeted. This year I have come to realize what my family needs are not more things. It is more time together, making memories. Another set of glasses, or a decorative item will not mean all that much as a nice lunch together with a friend, or a craft project with Grandma. I mean do we really need another knick knack that will get lost in the never ending parade of things?
  2. Overeating – I like to bake. I like baked goods. This time of year I do a lot of both. Usually, I overdo it. Then feel absolutely sick and disgusted with myself come January 1. This cycle starts on Halloween and ends with my pants being to tight come the new year. This year the cycle was starting, (See my Can’t stop eating Halloween Candy. post) but this year I found a great, support group. This has helped me steer away from the treats and goodies all around this time of year. I even lost weight during Thanksgiving! Wow, that is a first.
  3. Not being grateful -I will admit this time of year, I tend to only see the negative. The hustle and bustle, the frenzy of gift buying, the craziness of too much to do. I don’t stop and think of being grateful for this life, my health, the loving people I have around me. This year I am going to try and take stock. I want to start the new year being more focused of the riches I have then the things I don’t. Because really it is all about perspective.
  4. Overscheduling -Every year I have a list of holiday activities I would like to do. I squeeze these activity into the margins of time I have and end up rushing through them on to the next event of activity. This one I think will be the toughest for me to break free from. I am a list-maker (In case you couldn’t tell) But during the holidays I get so focused on accomplishing stuff on my list that I forget to enjoy the moment. This year, I will try to keep it light and breezy and not overdue it in this area. I will try to stay in the moment as they wp-1449688781361.jpghappen.
  5. Remember the Reason for the Season -I am Catholic.  You might not be. But the themes of the holidays are universal. Giving, caring for one another, showing kindness, brotherhood, family, love… there is so much more to this season then shopping, eating and decorations. It is a feeling that, regardless of religion, we can all experience. Because really who is offended my a Christmas Tree? Or a Menorah? Or a Nativity?  It’s just a thing, a symbol. It’s the feelings they evoke that are what is important. It’s the history and tradition that we can all learn from. Who really cares if you tell someone Merry Christmas who doesn’t celebrate it. It’s the point that you are wishing them well, to be merry, to be happy. That you care for your fellow man. That’s what matters, not which holiday you are offended by.

11 thoughts on “5 Mistakes I’m trying not to make this Holiday Season

  1. I’m trying to do the same this year. I made a commitment not to buy any new decorations, cards, wrappings, etc which has saved me quite a bit of money and most of my gifts this year will be homemade from my existing yarn stash. 🙂 I’m not going to bake until Christmas Eve, and then only ONE batch of cookies (peppermint chocolate meringues because my mom is GF). 🙂 I actually took two days off work last week just so I could craft and sit and stare at my tree instead of getting caught up in office drama. I think this will need to become a yearly tradition! Haha 🙂

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you! Glad you’re able to focus on what’s truly important this year.

    1. I think handmade gifts are the way to go. They have so much more meaning and care to them. This year I took a day off and it has made all the difference. Glad to hear you did it too. Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a nice relaxing Christmas.

  2. To have this as a monthly reminder BEFORE the season arrives will help cut down on making the same mistakes yet another year. Thanks for linking. I hope the holiday planning goes smoother for you come October.

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