4 Reason You Maybe Cold

cold-1393397Ever since I was a little girl I have been cold. Not a little chilly but down to the bone cold. If the temperature rises above 70 degrees then I have to get a jacket on.

I have always wondered why some people can dance barefoot in the snow while I would be huddling under blankets, sweaters and woolly socks. Even now living in a warm climate I have difficulty dealing with air conditioning and have to wear warm clothes in doors. (Yes, I do look silly.) So if you are like me and are constantly teased by your loved ones for your warm weather apparel or told your blood thinned out (Is that even a real thing?) Here are some reasons you might be cold:

  1. You may be Anemic/ Low Iron – According to WebMD, “Anemia happens when your system can’t make enough normal red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. One of the symptoms is the tendency to feel cold.” This is more common in woman with 1 out of every 10 being diagnosed anemic.
  2. You might have a low functioning Thyroid-If your body is not producing enough thyroid hormone or not process it correctly then a resulting symptom can be sensitivity to cold.ice-1181464
  3. You may have poor circulation/ blood vessel problems – Poor circulation prevent blood from efficiently traveling to the extremities resulting in a feeling of coldness.
  4. It’s just cold outside – Sometime the simplest answers are the truest. If you are being hit with  nor’easter snowstorm well your reason for being cold is right outside your window. Bundle up an stay warm!
If you think your chilly feelings are a result of a Anemia, Thyroid or poor circulation please consult a physican for a diagnosis.

5 thoughts on “4 Reason You Maybe Cold

  1. I am always cold too and my temperature always runs a little chilly. I just had everything tested and everything came back normal so I guess I just keep putting on another sweater! It doesn’t help that it is six degrees outside!

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