2016 Food (& Fitness) Goals


Food goals are a weird one for me this year. I think food and fitness would be more appropriate. I have had some struggles during 2015 to overcome emotional eating, cook wholesome snacks for my kids and keep up with eating clean. It has been very hard at times to resist the pull of chocolate and sugar. However, I can say I have learned a lot about myself in this avenue and what it takes to keep myself accountable. So here are my food and fitness goals for 2016

Goal #1 Goal weight

I have a cruise scheduled for Mid-March and plan to be at my goal weight by that day. I plan to achieve this by staying motivated thought 21-day fix challenge groups and keeping up with my workouts. I plan to invest in another DVD series since they seem to help my stay on track when I can’t make it to the gym. I want to continue my workouts at least a half hour a day or one hour every other day. I’m probably going to invest in the CIZE video (since my daughter said she would do it with me) by the beginning of January and Body Beast or PIYO by the end of February.

Goal #2 Cook more food at home (eat out less)

In a previous post I went into great detail about my struggle to eat out less. I can’t say I have achieved this goal in 2015. Matter of fact it became a real problem for me. The convenience and time savings of eating out won me over one too many tired weekdays. Eating out was not longer a treat it was something I relied on when I was too tired to cook or could not get home in time to make something.

Towards the end of 2015, I have been using my slow cooker more which I think will help me greatly towards achieving this goal in 2016. Also, I will need to be much better about meal planning. My hope is to block off 15 wp-1449282887080.jpgminutes on Sunday morning (will have to make it first thing) to plan out the meals and snacks for the week. I plan on using a free printable meal plan and shopping list like this one I found on momitforward.com to help me achieve this task.

Goal #3 Experiment

I have been wanting to try new recipes that incorporate veggies into baked goods, or grain alternative ingredients. I find that these play nicely with my stomach issues. I want to discover the properties of how these types of ingredients work so I can better incorporate them into regular dishes.

I have discovered some great recipes using unconventional ingredients on Erin Woodburys site Livingleanwitherin.com. She has a match green tea latte I have been dying to try. I would also like to cook through my Clean Eating and Kinda Grain Free pinterest boards. My plan is to make a least one recipe a month and incorporate it into my meal planning. Just looking through these boards again is getting me inspired to fulfill this goal!

Take 2016 to live out some of your foodie fantasies or re-examine your heath goals. Unlike my finance goal last week that I know are going to take some hard work to achieve. These seem totally doable and even fun.

Your thoughts???