2016 Feelings Goals

emotion-clip-art-yio6krpiEYes I know it sounds odd to have a goal about how I feel. If you are like me and tend to go to extremes about things how you feel and react emotionally is no exception.  One of the points of this blog is finding a  way to balance irrational and emotions with rational thought.

It could be anywhere from irrational self doubt, too holding unneeded grudges. It might be carrying on about mistreatment or holding on to anger and well…over doing it emotionally. We all have these tendencies from time to time but when they are extreme they can impact and even feel like they are controlling our lives and decisions. Keeping us from truly being happy. So, I have decided to add a 2016 Feelings goal in an effort to help me recognize the times I may have these extreme emotions.

Goal #1- Practice Gratefulness – This holiday season I made a concerted effort to keep a grateful mindset. It really helped me to appreciate people and moments in my life a lot more. It helped me so much to find forgiveness and understanding where in the past I would have held onto hurt feelings an anger. I defiantly want to incorporate a daily ritual of gratefulness into my life. 

To help keep this mindset I want to finish reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. (Affiliated link)

Goal #2 – Let it go – Like Elsa said “Let it go.” Who knew there was so much wisdom in three little words. This year I want to stop holding on to hurt feeling. I want to be one of those people who can let poor treatment by others and hurtful actions go.

Rationally I know it is from hurt the other person feels and not necessarily something in me. However, the irrational side can not seem to let it go. I replaying the hurtful words or actions over and over and blame myself for actions I could not control in others. I do this a lot at work and I recognize most of the time these events have nothing to do with me. This year I will be more conscious of when I need to let these things go.

Goal #3 – Don’t be involved in gossip. – Gossip is like a virus that infects everyone it touches with bad feelings, anger and false information. I found this article on Wikihow that gives tips on how to avoid gossiping.

Main goal: Finding Balance – This is my over arching goal that this whole blog is built on. In 2016 I really want to dig deeper on what it means to find balance in my 4 areas of focus; food, family, finance, feelings.

The beginning of the month I was under the belief I needed to narrow the focus of this blog. That it was to broad. But after asking for some advice and feedback from all of you, I am confidant that I can serve you best by focusing deeper in on these areas. I am excited to continue to explore the triumphs and struggles in finding balance and moderation. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement during 2015. Here is to embracing this exciting journey in 2016!

9 thoughts on “2016 Feelings Goals

  1. After reading your post, I’m going to make a list of feelings goals too! Also, I highly recommend reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, she comes up with goals and tries to do different ones each month. One of her goals was to gossip less too!

  2. Hi Melissa, This post is an excellent read to start off the new year. I have also listed gratefulness as one of my things to work on this year. I even purchased a journal to record what I am thankful for each day. Looking forward to reading your posts this year!

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