2016 Family Goals

family clip art2My goals for my family this year. I want to stop yelling at my kids. I will admit it here and now. I am a yeller. Most of us are but don’t want to admit it. Sometimes I get frustrated (usually when I have asked my kids to do something like get their shoes on for the 6th time) One of my most challenging goals for 2016 is to yell less. Wrapped into this goal are actions steps that will contribute to this goal. I yell when I am frustrated. One of the reasons for the frustrations is rushing from place to place and having to force my kids to get ready and out the door. So I have broken my efforts into actions steps.

  1. Action Step #1 Schedule less – This has worked pretty well this Christmas and has taken some of the pressure off. If we are not trying to go from play date to the time-1425553store to dance lessons then I think it will go far in lessening the pressure and frustration that leads to yelling.
  2. Action Step# 2 Stay home more – I, and many other mothers, feel the need to be productive every second instead of just being in the moment. Each weekend I have a list of places to bring my kids to and feel this overwhelming need to entertain them. I guess I want each minute to be productive for them also. Where they are learning and doing each moment. I will say I have rarely given them a chance to just play and be kids with out some itinerary. In 2016 I will try to forgo trips to the zoo and store. I will stay at home an just let them play.
  3. Action Step#2 Find more babysitters – Over 2015 I have failed in scheduling date nights and me time because of a lack of babysitting and not wanting to bother other family members. This year I need to take time to cultivate other relationships in my life.
  4. Action Step #4 Get Organized – This one will help the entire family and will go far in lessening my frustration level when I here “Hun, where is the….??” or “Mom, I can’t find my…” Simplifying has been long overdue and is a project that needs to be tackled in 2016. I have downloaded the book “One year to an Organized life,” to help. I started this last year but only made it into month 2. This year I will see it through.
What items do you want your family to achieve this year? Is it a big trip? Its it a new habit?

10 thoughts on “2016 Family Goals

  1. I need to be more organised after a year on maternity leave I’ve recently gone back to work and with one child at school and the youngest at nursery for a few hours a week it needs some organisation as to where and how each child gets to and from where they need to be especially since husband works various shifts!

    1. Been there! Especially with the hubby working various shifts makes planning really hard. For me it always feel I’m reacting rather than planning. Hopefully that will change this year

  2. What awesome goals! I am noticing a trend that people are beginning to slow down. We have been trapped in this fast paced lifestyle for so long, we are getting burnt out. At the end of the day, our families are what’s most important. I have been where you are and still struggle to find balance. I think having less on our plates will definitely help us build better relationships with our kids. One of my goals is to be more present with my husband and 2 daughters.

    1. Yes, it is tough to slow down when our society and social media moves at such a rapid pace. But I know me and my family are better when we have less planned and less on our plate. Thanks for thinking me goals are awesome. So glad you enjoyed the post.

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