10 Ways to Tame Tummy Troubles

tummy troublesThe average diet of today’s adults causes more tummy troubles them we care to admit

Can’t button your pants after a big holiday meal? Stomach bothering you after that summer visit to the ice cream shop? Your body might be trying to tell you something. When the holidays hit, when we are on vacation, or when it’s a special event, we allow ourselves a bit more flexibility in our diet. Eating more of the things we know we shouldn’t and less of the things we know help our body function right. There is nothing wrong with this in moderation. (See how I did that!) Life is meant to be lived right?

There is one catch however. And it seems to sneak up on you a day or two later. If you are someone who has frequent digestive problems then a little overindulgence can have disastrous consequences on our systems. I know…I know ..am I really going to do a post about stomach upset, bloat and well, gross stuff no one really ever talks about.

Yes, because these symptoms are sign your body is giving you that something isn’t right. Something is not functioning well and it is out of balance. I don’t know about you, but after having kids my body has never functioned the same. It is more then just a bit of weigh gain. After kids I have to be a lot more attune to what I consume. Signs like this tell me when I have gone off track.

Since one of the goals of this blog is to get ourselves and our post baby bodies back into balance. It is important to practice self-care and address frequent stomach upset. As  uncomfortable as it is, this is part of the self care us mom’s need to do.

As always if your problems persist longer or shows more severity please consult a physician. Always remember your health is important for you and for your family. You cannot be all you need for them, without taking care of you.

Here is a round-up of some natural remedies to help deal with stomach upset, and bloating.

  1. Move around more
  2. Herbal Teas- Like peppermint and Chamomile
  3. Eat slower
  4. Be more attune to signs of fullness
  5. Use a probiotic
  6. Identify life stressors that may be causing the upset
  7. Add ginger, cinnamon and pumpkin to your diet
  8. Avoid carbonated beverages
  9. Drink more water
  10. Take some Apple Cider Vinegar

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