10 Things Parents Do To Have “ME” Time


My son’s bear feet. Just thought it was a funny picture

Sometimes Mom’s and Dad’s just need sometime for themselves but with the demands of family, work and young kids we might carve out these moments in interesting, sometimes pitifly sad ways. I am guilty of doing this on more then one occasion. Can you identify yourself on this list.? If so don’t feel bad, we have all done it.

  1. Spending extra long in the shower so the spouse has to deal with the constant call of “Mom.”
  2. Spending extra long in the bathroom with the door locked. Sometimes we all just need a time out.
  3. Sneaking a bit of the kids Halloween candy or their school lunch snacks.
  4. When we get caught eating said snack we tell them we can’t share because there is nothing left. Then continue to eat the rest when they leave the room. (Shameful, I know)
  5. Make breakfast for dinner because you are too tired to make dinner. This could be a fun thing every once in a while but my kids think pancakes for dinner is a normal entrée.
  6. Take your kids for ice cream because your are craving ice cream. (Come on we have all done this!)
  7. Give the kids character building chores like cleaning the baseboards because you really hate doing them.
  8. Pretend you are asleep so your spouse will have to feed the baby.
  9. Tell your spouse we are doing bills so they have to make the lunch. When in reality we have just spend an hour cruising Pinterest.
  10. Have a sudden needs for (insert item) and we have to go get it now. Leaving the kids with the spouse or grandparents and take an extra long car ride to the store listening to something other than “Frozen,” or just enjoying the quiet.

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  1. We sooooo use the bathroom one around here! It doesn’t work so well when we’re home alone with our daughter, but both my husband and I resort to this when we’re not. Thanks for joining us at #FridayFrivolity this week! P.S. You’re my feature!

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